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heth〓er they like it or n●ot."Democrats succes●sfully camp■aigned on health●care last year, winn■ing con

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ity that● played a cent●ral role in the ci◆vil rights movement〓, and the part●y's diversity, 〓including t〓wo African America○n candidates,○ was on di●splay. But ther〓e was disagreeme■nt on how 〓best to appeal to mi●n

  1. ority voters, wh●o are vital to winn〓ing the Democratic n〓omination ●and will be cru○cial in the general● election.◆Senators Ka

    m◆ala Harris of Califo■rnia and Cory Bo●oker of New Je〓rsey said the〓 party has sometime●s come up sh●ort in its outreach◆ to black Am◆eric

    ans."For● too long, I think○, candidates ha○ve taken for gra●nted constituenc○ies that have be◆en a backbo〓ne of the Democra●tic Party," Harri

  2. h◆osted by an all-fema〓le panel.B◆uttigieg &mdas●h; who was ○a natural targ〓et given his recen○t rise in the p〓olls to join Bi●den, Warren a

    ●nd Sanders among th■e crowded field●'s front-ru〓nners &mdas○h; was asked early○ about how bei〓ng mayor of a c●ity of 100,■000 residents qu●

    alified him for th●e White Hous○e."I know that● from the perspe●ctive of Washi■ngton, what○ goes on i●n my city m◆ight look smal●l," Buttigie

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〓g said. "But frank●ly, where we live,● the infig◆hting on Capitol● Hill is what ◆looks small."Klo◆buchar argued ●that she has more e●xperience ena●cting legisl◆ation and suggeste■d that wome◆n in politics are ●held

  1. to a higher st〓andard."Other●wise we coul■d play a gam●e called 'Name ●your favorite wom●an president,' whic○h we can't do ◆be

    cause it has● all been ●men," she sa〓id.Another mem◆orable exchang◆e occurred when B●iden — who d■idn't face any re●al attacks fro〓m his

    rivals —● was asked ab●out curbing ◆violence agains■t women and〓 responded awk●wardly."We have to ■just change the● culture," he s■aid.

  2. "And keep punch●ing at it. A●nd punching at it.● And punching at i●t."Harris scrapped ●with another l◆ow polling candi●date: Hawai

    ●i Rep. Tulsi Gabbard◆, who has crit〓icized prominent De○mocrats, includ●ing 2016 nom○inee Hillary Clin◆ton."I think that ●it's unfortunat○e

    that we h○ave someone on■ the stage who is ○attempting to b■e the Democrati〓c nominee for th●e president of t●he United ◆States who dur●ing t

  3. he Oba■ma adminis●tration spent four y■ears full ti〓me on Fox News crit●icizing pr●esident Obama," ●Harris said.■"I'm not go●in

    g to put party int◆erests first," Gabba○rd responded.〓But the discuss■ion kept fin■ding its way back t○o Medicare● for All, which○ has domin〓

    ated the pr●imary —〓 especiall●y for Warr◆en. She released pl●ans to raise mo◆re than 20 t○rillion U.S. dollar◆s in new go●vernment reven

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ue ■for univer●sal healthcare. Bu■t she also s●aid implementation o●f the program ○may take three ●years — dr○awing critic○ism both from m◆oderates li

But moderat●es

ke ●Biden and Bu○ttigieg, wh●o think she's● trying to distanc●e herself fr●om an unpopular ide●a, and Sanders supp■orters, who see the ●Massachusetts sena○t

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or's commitment〓 to Medicare for All● wavering.○Sanders made a〓 point of ●saying Wedne■sday that ●he'd send Med〓icare for All◆ legislation to Con●gress during〓 the fir

worry that ●Me

st week of h●is administ■ration.Booker f●aced especially int■ense pressure We■dnesday since he's y〓et to meet the De●mocratic Natio◆nal Committee's ●polling requi●rements fo●r the Decem■ber debate in 〓California. ●He spent several mi◆nutes arguing w●ith Warren○ about the〓 need to m〓ore appropri〓ately tax the weal◆thy, but also○ called for "bu〓ilding wealt■h" among people ●of color a○nd other margin■alized commun

ities.●"We've got to sta○rt empower○ing people,■" Booker sai〓d.Businessman ●Andrew Yang was 〓asked what he◆ would say to Russia◆n President Vladim○ir Putin if he go■t the chance —■ and joked about tha〓t leader's cordial r〓elationship with Tru○mp."Firs

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